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Restor Metabolix Athens focuses primarily on patients with metabolic disorders, such as Type 1, Type 2, prediabetes, and insulin resistance. 

Our physician-directed metabolic restoration program provides patient care with individualized care plans. This care plan is to restore, regenerate, and repair the damage caused by metabolic failure.

RMX Athens understands diagnosing metabolic failure and treating metabolic disorders can be challenging. Our new innovative treatment provides physicians with the right tools to help patients gain their lives back. 

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The Restor Metabolix Athens Team

Meet Us

Meet Your Practitioners

Heather Pickelsimer

Family Nurse Practitioner – Board Certified

Heather Pickelsimer is not just a dedicated healthcare provider; she’s a local with deep community ties. Born and raised in Oconee, Heather’s journey to nursing began with her core classes at UGA. After five years as a nurse, she embarked on a new adventure, earning her nurse practitioner degree in 2014 from Walden University.

Heather’s medical career is rich and diverse, with a background in ER medicine as an RN and Urgent Care as an nurse practitioner. 

Outside of Restor Metabolix Athens, Heather leads a fulfilling life with her husband, who works in the ER, and their two energetic boys. Together, they manage a small farm bustling with various animals, adding a touch of country charm to their days. Heather’s love for animals shines through – she even named her four goats after Braves players!

What Heather loves most about her role as a nurse practitioner here at RMX Athens is the opportunity to forge personal connections with their patients. Learning about their interests and activities outside the clinic is as important as providing medical care. When patients come in for their treatments, it’s a chance to get to know them on a deeper level.

For Heather, healthcare is not just a profession; it’s a passion deeply rooted in her community and fueled by her love for people.

Chandler Davis

Registered Dietitian

Chandler Davis, our dedicated Registered Dietitian, brings our team a wealth of knowledge and compassion. With a solid foundation in the field, she earned her undergraduate degrees in dietetics and consumer foods from the esteemed University of Georgia. Building on this strong base, Chandler pursued further academic excellence, achieving a Master of Science degree from Samford University.

Chandler’s journey into the world of nutrition is deeply personal. Growing up with a mother with type 1 diabetes, she understands the unique challenges and importance of managing this condition. This firsthand experience ignited her passion for diabetes care and inspired her to pursue the prestigious Certified Diabetes Educator certification.

At Restor Metabolix, Chandler offers invaluable nutrition counseling and education services. Her expertise extends beyond the fundamentals of nutrition, allowing her to provide tailored guidance that caters to individual needs. With Chandler’s support, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills to make informed choices about your diet, empowering you to lead a healthier and more fulfilling life.

When you choose Chandler as your Registered Dietitian, you’re benefitting from her extensive expertise and her genuine dedication to your health and success.

Office Staff

Staci Hill

Assistant Office Manager

With 25 years of invaluable medical experience, Staci Hill plays a crucial role at Restor Metabolix Athens as the Assistant Office Manager. Her journey in healthcare began as a Certified Medical Assistant and Nationally Certified Phlebotomist, where she honed her patient care skills.

Beyond her professional dedication, Staci leads a fulfilling life with her husband, two children, and their cherished fur baby. Adding more joy to their lives, they have a lively granddaughter named Lyla Jane.

Staci’s extensive career path encompasses five years in the lab, followed by an incredible 23-year tenure at the prestigious Piedmont Medical Center, where she was a part of the IV Team. This wealth of experience uniquely positions her to excel in her role at RMX Athens.

Known for her boundless enthusiasm, Staci and her husband share a love for concerts and immersing themselves in the beauty of the great outdoors through camping trips and relaxing moments at the lake.

But what truly sets Staci apart is her genuine affection for the patients. She finds immense fulfillment in serving them; their well-being is at the heart of her work. Staci often recounts heartwarming stories of patients who’ve attended her wedding, emphasizing the strong bonds formed at RMX Athens.

Haley Chasteen

Medical Assistant

Meet Haley Chasteen, an essential Restor Metabolix Athens team member serving as a dedicated Medical Assistant. With a decade of experience in the healthcare field, Haley brings a wealth of knowledge and a compassionate heart to our practice.

Haley’s journey in healthcare began with her pursuit of a Certificate in Healthcare Science, which laid the foundation for her rewarding career. Over the years, she has honed her skills and gained valuable insights into patient care, making her a vital asset to our team.

Her unwavering commitment to building close relationships with patients and colleagues truly sets Haley apart. At Restor Metabolix Athens, she views every interaction as an opportunity to impact someone’s life positively. Whether it’s offering a reassuring smile or lending a listening ear, Haley’s genuine care shines through.

In her personal life, Haley is happily married and has recently embraced the joys of motherhood with the arrival of her first child. She’s also a proud dog mom to Georgia, her furry companion. Outside of work, you’ll often find Haley spending quality time with her family, attending workout classes, and, not to forget, being the office’s resident comedian, spreading laughter wherever she goes.

Jesse Westbrook

Lead Clinical Assistant

Jesse Westbrook is thrilled to be the Lead Clinical Medical Assistant at Restor Metabolix. A native of Charleston, SC, Jesse graduated Cum Laude from the University of South Carolina in 2019 with a degree in Public Health. Her interest in medicine grew from her work as a Student Athletic Trainer for football and tennis teams.


After college, Jesse worked as a Field Service Representative with ACO Medical Supply. In 2020, she began working as the Medical Assist for Dr. Starr at Asheville Orthopedic Associates. During this time, Jesse continued her education, first completing her training as a Clinical Medical Assistant and later as a Phlebotomist. Her passion for the patients was evident from the first day; as a result, she was Sam Carson’s and Dr. Starr’s first choice to lead the Clinical Medical Assistants at Restor Metabolix of Asheville.


Jesse enjoys spending time with her husband and their two dogs outside of the office. They love to travel across the country and spend time with family and friends.

Don't Take Our Word For It

Patient Testimonials

“My blood sugar is now controlled and my eyesight has improved so much I went from legally blind without glasses to now being able to read the captions on the TV with no glasses, and I’m down from six vials of insulin per month to only three.”
Bruce B. | Brazoria, TX
Type 2 Diabetic - 27 years
“It’s almost a miracle that my foot healed so well. I started treatment and within three weeks it had healed. The wound had been there for three months prior to treatment.”
Greg B. | Houston, TX
Type 2 Diabetic - 10 years | Hypertension - 5 years | Neuropathy - 8 years
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“I haven’t felt this good in years. It’s like my neuropathy just disappeared and my energy level has increased.”
Wayne K. | Houston, TX
Type 2 Diabetic - 18 years | Neuropathy - 10 years
Retinopathy - 2 years
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